Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wade Wilson

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My friend drafted Wade Wilson in the first round for his 1992 fantasy team. We all laughed at him. Wade Wilson....hahahaha. Back then fantasy was on paper and we looked at the morning paper to tally the score.

Emmitt Smith

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Emmitt Smith Upperdeck Game Breakers Hologram insert. I almost didn't show this card to was that good back in the day.

Andre Reed

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Fleer's cards were generally pretty weak but these illustrated pieces really psyched me up as a kid. The art was really good. Reed played one year as a Redskin...that looked weird.

Mark Higgs

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Remember this little guy? 5'7", 195lbs. Look how high he is in that photo. I always thought he jumped off someone's back during that play.

Jennifer Montana

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waxbox-hztl_0000_Layer 10
One day I opened a pack to find Joe Montana's wife Jennifer had her own card. Damn! I had trouble finding a place to file her. The more I thought about it, this woman probably had more of an effect on the game than some guys at the end of the bench.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roman Phifer

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Roman was a great LB with a great name. He won a Super Bowl with the Patriots in 2001, now coaches with the Broncos and is the Executive Producer of a feature documentary titled Blood Equity. But his ex-wife Alexis may be even more prolific, being engaged to Kanye West after splitting with Phifer. An NFL player and a platinum selling rapper. Girl's doing her thing.

Trailer from Roman's film about why the NFL is not doing more to help many of it's older players. It looks really interesting.

Steve Largent

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Why is this guy rarely mentioned in talks about great receivers? He was drafted by the Oilers but they were going to cut him. After being traded to the expansion Seahwaks he went on to break every career receiving record in the league from catches (819) to yards (13,089) to TD's (100). Sure they've since been broken but this guy was great.

He then spent 8 years in Oklahomas House of Representatives. Doin' thangs!