Friday, October 23, 2009

Reggie Roby

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One of the greatest punters of our lifetime. Reggie was so cool he almost made it hip to be a punter. This guy was named the punter for the 1980's All Decade Team. He punted for more than 40,000 yards. He was also drafted by the Cincinnati Reds to pitch. Unfortunately Reggie passed away February 22, 2005 of a suspected heart attack.

The great Dolphin's coach Don Shula praised Reggie Roby saying: "He was an outstanding punter for us and his booming kicks often helped us win the field position battle." C'mon Don, that's no way to eulogize a man. How about something like, "Damn that boy could kick. We actually had to tone him down for games because during practice he kicked the ball right out of the damn stadium. You know I once saw Reggie roll a Jeep with a swift roundhouse. He was angry after we cut his salary. Now that was a man!"

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